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Hey Everyone!

I've been gone for a minute (or maybe a few months). Sorry about that! I had some personal real-life stuff come up and I've been trying to  go easy on myself and my responsibilities. I really appreciate everyone's patience!


One of those things I was working on was getting better at filming and editing videos! I started a YouTube channel for writerly stuff, and I think I'm finally at the place where I can successfully host interviews in video format.

That's right! Video interviews!

Okay, that probably sounds kinda scary. What if you're no good on camera? What if you don't even HAVE a camera? what if everyone laughs at you?

Well, never fear, because I've put together a how-to that will get you filming videos, and all you need is a lamp and a smart phone! Watch these videos to get started!

Ready to get started?

Download the appropriate interview template!

debut            sophomore

Filming Tips!

  1. Take a deep breath!

  2. Slow down!

  3. Smile!

  4. Aim for 10-ish minutes for your video.

  5. Find a quiet place to film so there's not distracting background noise.

  6. Pause between thoughts and sentences. This makes editing easier later!

  7. Speaking of editing, you don't have to edit your video. I can do that! :)

  8. (If you want something edited out, just make a note and tell me the time stamp!)

  9. If you mess up: no stress! Pause, take a breath, and re-start right before where your mistake was.

  10. Super-duper fancy: Hold up a plain piece of white paper at the beginning of the video so I can white balance the footage during editing! This makes the colors more in line with real life.

Don't worry too much about following these tips if they're freaking you out!

Just shake it out, smile, and talk like you're chatting with a friend!

Ready to Upload?

follow this link:

Google Form


Thanks for filling out the form! I can't wait to see your video!


Sofiya Pasternack

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