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Some publishers define release seasons differently, so I standardized the way I define seasons on this list in the following way:

WINTER: January - March

SPRING: April - June

SUMMER: July - September

FALL: October - December

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I built this list by parsing Facebook groups, Twitter chats, Goodreads lists, and more. If you are a MG or YA author who is debuting in 2019 or 2020, you belong on this list! Please fill out THESE FORMS and I will for sure get you added!

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How is this list even arranged?

Both the table of contents and the actual lists themselves are arranged in the following order:

  1. Season

  2. Release Date

  3. Book's Title

If the book's season is known but not the date, it will go at the end of the season list. If the month is known but not the date, it will go at the end of the month list.

I used to do the table of contents in this order, with the lists arranged by date then author's last name, but the two lists being arranged differently wasn't sitting well with my inner cataloguer, so I changed them to all be the same.

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